"Something New: Volume I" Released on Noisetrade.com

“Something New: Volume I” is a collection of 17 songs that premiered on the first season of SOMETHING NEW, the popular musical theatre podcast hosted by award-winning songwriter Joel B. New (www.joelbnew.com). The digital album features the vocal talents of Liz Asti, Jennifer Sanchez, Billy Bustamante, Leslie Henstock, Jen Waldman, Matt Castle, Stephanie Sine, Greg Etling, Scott Guthrie, Jenny Neale, Liz Ulmer, Roy Lightner, The Skivvies, Melanie Kann, Stephanie Joiner, Chris York, Christine Paterson, David Alan Thornton, Dan Radzikowski, Lindsie VanWinkle, and Gay Marshall.

The album is available for free on Noisetrade.com. All tip proceeds go to the Human Rights Campaign, in loving memory of Joel’s mom, Kathy New.