Transcript of Episode 401 w/ SPRING AWAKENING’s Michael Arden


Inspired by the magic happening over at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre (thru January 24th!), I hereby offer up the very first transcript of a “Something New” interview! I’m very excited to share my talk with Michael Arden, director of Deaf West’s Broadway revival of Spring Awakening. (Apparently, I say the word “excited” a lot.) 

My hope is that this interview and my podcast reach an audience that may not have been able to enjoy it otherwise. Please forward! And if you like this new feature, let me know!

I’ve also uploaded a video of Gabe Violett’s song with closed captions! Good times.

Special thanks to Richie Portela for providing his dexterous transcription services. If you need something transcribed, he’s very fast and one of the nicest people on the planet. Want his contact info? Tweet me!

Thank you for dropping by for Something New!