to hell and back


Inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, this indie-rock album musical follows a broken songwriter on a madcap cab ride into a soundless world to save his muse from the hands of a lonely fangirl. Set in a heightened version of late 90's Nebraska, To Hell and Back is a story of love stronger than death, exploring such themes as loss, the hero complex, finding inspiration, and the wonderful fear of taking that first new step forward. One Act, Emo/Pop/Rock, Thru Sung, Dance/Movement, Medium Cast (5W, 5M).


development history

2015 - new york musical festival

Concert Presentation | Musical Direction by Matt Castle | Directed by Lori Wolter Hudson

2014 - musical theatre factory

4x15 Presentation | Choreography by Katharine Pettit | Directed by Lori Wolter Hudson

2011 - uncharted @ ars nova

Concert Presentation | Directed by Lori Wolter Hudson

2010 - private reading

Carroll Music Rehearsal Studios


Inside the nymf Sitzprobe (2015)

featuring becca ayers, nikka graff lanzarone, blake whyte, kate steinberg, hansel tan, and joshua hinck.

photos: August Laska