Cabot Cove

Released December 2nd, 2016 on Broadway Records. Produced by Lorenzo Wolff at Restoration Sound (Brooklyn, NY). Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Dancing corpses. Dead dachshunds. Taciturn teddy bears. Road trips to nowhere. These are just a few of the whimsical premises that make up Cabot Cove, the debut EP by award-winning singer-songwriter Joel B. New. Half a dozen provocative tunes loosely inspired by everyone’s favorite murder mystery writer and her fictional hometown of Cabot Cove, Maine — as can only be shown through the lens of New’s waggish lyrics and particular hybrid of piano rock, jazz, pop, cabaret, and art song.

Featuring orchestrations by Scott Wasserman (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen) plus a vocal cameo by Lisa Howard (Spelling Bee, It Shoulda Been You, Escape to Margaritaville).