mackenzie and the missing boy


Mackenzie and the Missing Boy is an original radio musical, set in Great Depression-era New York. It’s a dark, funny, and thrilling cautionary melodrama about a reformed flapper with a Scheherazade-like knack for spinning elaborate stories, who wants nothing more than to win back her orphaned son from the clutches of her big sister, a pious Catholic nun. Meanwhile, the twisted hand of Fate places a reward notice in the newspaper for a missing boy, with a tempting sum that’s more than enough for a fresh start. To prove she is worthy of her son’s love and her sister’s trust, Mackenzie can’t help but tell one last tale: a little white lie with the darkest of consequences. Serialized in 7 Parts, Book Musical, Jazz Age, Medium to Large Cast (9 Principals + Ensemble).


development history

spring 2018 - private reading

Friday Night Footlights Series | Dramatists Guild of America

winter 2015 - musical theatre factory

4x15 Development Series | Directed by Laura Brandel

summer 2015 - new york theatre barn

Concert Presentation | Directed by Laura Brandel


2015 NYTB concert photography

featuring Nikka Graff Lanzarone, Tiffan Borelli, Joshua Hinck, Caroline Selia, and Chris York, Kendal Hartse, Gregory Haney, Will Mann, James Burgin, and Ethan Riordan.

photos: michael bonasio