Joel B. New Is Trying Too Hard @ The Green Room 42 -- Sat 10/6

Join us at The Green Room 42 for a raggle-taggle evening featuring the songs of Joel B. New! In an off-the-wall celebration of this obscure Jonathan Larson and MAC Award recipient, experience songs from Cabot Cove (Broadway Records), Mackenzie and the Missing Boy, To Hell Back, and Standalone like never before! Plus a plethora of premieres from his sophomore album, Joel B. New Is Trying Too Hard. Featuring a gratuitous, all-star lineup, this concert features musical direction by Gillian Berkowitz (Avenue Q) and is directed by Twitter-verified Robbie Rozelle.

Photo Credit: Frank New |  Man Your Style

Photo Credit: Frank New | Man Your Style

Happy BroadwayCon 2018!

I hope everyone has an amazing time at BroadwayCon 2018! Last year, I got to experience the fantasy of signing and selling something I made. I still can't believe it happened! I mean, what??

"Cabot Cove" is one of the best things I've ever done, and I for sure did not do it alone. Special thanks today to Van Dean, Robbie Equality Rozelle, and Broadway Records for making this fantasy a reality! Forever memorialized in this geeky photo collage. #MurderShePricey #DameIt

Stream the entire EP by clicking on the collage!